View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install MySQL Server packaged in .db file

November 11th, 2008, 01:51 PM
Anyone did have trouble while installing MySQL Server packaged in .db file?

I tried to type (under root account):

dpkg --install mysql-server......db

i got error message in terminal:

mysql-server-5.0 depends on mysql-client-5.0 (>= 5.0.21-3ubuntu1); however:
Package mysql-client-5.0 is not configured yet.
mysql-server-5.0 depends on libdbi-perl; however:
Package libdbi-perl is not installed.

There were dependencies problems among the lib. I installed mysql-client, but the last one requires another lib, and so on. As a newbie of Ubuntu, i could not get out of this trouble.

Anyone could help?