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November 11th, 2008, 12:09 PM
please, can anybody help change my screen res.? i have been messing with this for weeks now, i did it once before, but can't for the life of me figure out how i did it. i have an ati rage 128 video card w/a viewsonic 191b monitor. i've tried to install drivers, change x-11, etc. but to no avail. i keep changing the settings, but it says i must log off, when i log back on i'm right back in lo-res mode... help!:confused:
i'm running hardy

November 11th, 2008, 12:57 PM
Hello. First of all, lets see what your computer thinks it should be able to set as valid resolutions: try System->Preferences->Screen Resolution.
Can you see the settings that you want to use from the list of available settings? If you can then try selecting the one you want to use and click on the Apply button. If the settings are good and your display changes, then close the application, log out, and log back in again. If they are permanent (i.e the display has stayed at the settings that you wanted) then you should be good to go.

If you cannot see the settings that you want from the list of available settings then there is a good chance that the computer has not recognised your display correctly. Open a terminal and type:

'gksudo displayconfig-gtk'

This should open an applet which will allow you to select your actual display parameters from a list of manufacturers' settings, or to choose a generic display that is similar to your own. Having selected the appropriate display, you should now be able to go back to the procedure above and select the actual display size that you want to use.

I hope that is clear. Let me know if this works for you and, if not, where do the problems occur and how do they appear?

November 12th, 2008, 10:36 PM

Do you have Screens & Graphics installed?????

It's under Applications Other

If not there, then rather than type it all up, let me paste a document that includes how to do it in it.

Screen Resolution Problems? Easy fix!
Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

From a Noob for fellow Noobs!

Preliminary Note:
This document is to address Changing Screen Resolution using Preferences causes Screen to Roll horizontally, vertically or just mess up royally. Also, only 640 x 480 resolution available in Preferences. This fix may or may not allow you to select other available resolutions from the Preferences Option without changing MODE lines in /etc/X11/xorg.conf which I am not addressing here.
If this fix causes log-in screen obesity (HUGE SCREEN), see my other post titled Huge Log-in Screen? Easy fix! Which addresses that problem separately and easily.

To get started we need the Tool called Screens and Graphics.
If it is not available under Applications/Other, then RIGHT CLICK on Applications, select Edit Menu (left click) and wait for the Main Menu screen to open. From the Main Menu, left column (Menus) select 'Other' and a new list of text will appear in the right screen (items). Place a check mark in the box to the left of Screens and Graphics, this will automatically select 'Other' if it was NOT in your drop down list under Applications. Close this window.
You will have to REBOOT for the change to take affect.

Once you're up and running again, left click on Applications/Other/Screens and Graphics.
A log-in screen will appear, type your Normal log-in password. Why it don't ask for Root I don't know.

In the Screens and Graphics Preferences window select Graphics Card first just to check to make sure your correct graphics card is displayed. Normally these entries are correct, but check them anyhow!

OK, now select the Screen Tab and get things set up to run properly.

Click on the little Monitor icon to the right of Model: It may currently say Plug n Play. A new (Choose Screen) window opens, from the Left window, select the Manufacturer of your Monitor. The screen on the right will change to the models that manufacturer makes. Scroll through the list to find your Monitors model name and number and/or identification.
If you have an .inf driver for your particular monitor and it is not listed, select add and follow the directions there. I've not found a monitor not already in the listing yet. Then I never have many new things either, that might not be listed long before I get it, hi hi......... IF a Test button comes up, just IGNORE IT, because your screen will mess up royally. After selecting your monitor, select OK! This will bring you back to the Screen and Graphics Preferences screen.
Here you will select the desired resolution you would like your DESKTOP to run in. The proper bandwidth should self-select, but check to make sure it's right for your monitor. A wrong setting could damage your monitor!
Select OK and it will change and ask you if you want to Keep this setting. If all looks OK, select YES.
This change, and all the default parameters for your selected monitor WILL be written to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. Also, the Screens and Graphics window may show UNKNOWN for your monitor. The result of this Unknown Monitor or sometimes even if the Monitor is KNOWN and displays correctly the resultant change to the xorg.conf file, may cause your log-in screen to become OBESE (HUGE) and you might not be able to see your log-in boxes.

But don't worry, you KNOW they are there!
Just type in your log-in name, hit enter and type your password, hit enter and wait for the log-in to complete. Your xwindow (Gnome or others) should be at the desired resolution now.

IF you did have the HUGE log-in problem, see my post on Huge Log-in Screen? Easy fix!

The above was tested on the following machines with complete success:
HP Pavilion 753n, 2.53GHz Intel P4, 512mb, Intel 82845G/GL video, Samsung SyncMaster 955df.
e-machines T4165, 1.6GHz Intel P4, 256mb, AGP 3D video, AOC monitor.
Compaq 5420, 1.47GHz Athlon XP1700, Savage 4 AGP video, Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne.

Gary/aka Kellemora
9/10/08 rev 9/15/08

January 6th, 2009, 11:36 PM
hello all.
i've had this problem now for several months, through several versions of linux, (ubuntu, fedora..etc.)
and i've been able to run down the source of the problem, but not the solution.
i am using a Belkin Flip to share one monitor w/two computers. if i use just one monitor w/o the flip i get all the resolution coming for my monitor, but once i use the flip all i can get is 800-600. does any one know of some work around for this?