View Full Version : Fax Program for ubuntu

December 1st, 2005, 09:44 PM
hi guys. a was wondering, im looking for a fax program for ubuntu that can handle my bussiness faxing. at the moment it is all windows. i need a program that can do all the same. the program im using is active fax ( www.actfax.com/)
its a cool little program (cliet and server). now i know about hylafax -- how good is it and would it do what i want it to. i must be able to send faxes (pdf, doc, tiff) to clients and receive faxes. the faxes that come in must be captured by eg. hylafax and then immediately printed. the received fax must be kept for futer ref. and the last thing, i must be able to scan for a sent or received fax, by eg. fax number, time, date.
sorry bout all the questions all at once. all i actually need to know is can hylafax do this?
thanks allot :) :) :) :)