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November 10th, 2008, 01:02 AM
I was wondering if Ubuntu 8.10 has turned anybody elses computers into paper weights. I have been using Ubuntu and Kubuntu since 6.04 and upgrading has always been a pain. Now with 8.10 my AMD machines won't even boot after install (upgrade caused loss of all data) and my Intel machines really don't like it but will boot in safe graphics mode at the wrong display settings. Yes I have been running Ubuntu on these machines. Yes I have checked the ISO files to make sure they are ok. Yes I have gone through about 15 CD's making sure the it is burned right on one of the 6 cd burners here. Fedora and SUSE boot just fine but I would like to stick wit Ubuntu if I can.

Any Ideas?

Richard KB5JBV
Co-Host Linux in the HAM Shack