View Full Version : [ubuntu] Failed upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 - sound and video issues

November 5th, 2008, 10:05 PM
Well, I've had no problems with previous upgrades, but this one hasn't gone too smoothly. Took about 2 hours to download all the needed files and about 3.5 hours to install them. Unfortunately, 45 minutes from the end of installing all the files it encountered a problem. Not sure what this was as it didn't really explain itself. (There were some odd dialogue boxes much earlier mentioning MySQL that popped up but I don't know if they're connected to my problems.)

It then decided to roll back to Hardy to get around this.

Once complete, after a reboot I seem to be running a damaged version of Ibex and not Hardy at all.

Issues are as follows -

1. No sound - OS doesn't even seem to know what a soundcard is anymore. I had a poke around and there's quite a few folders I'd expect to see missing.
2. No DVD playback - because no soundcard is working.
3. UVC webcam not working in any application, Skype, Cheese and so on.
4. Video driver issues- screen resolutions not being retained and cannot use the NVidia 3D graphics driver.

I've not really had any success in repairing these.

Is there a way to run a "refresh" on the system by installing Ibex off a CD without having to reformat? I've Googled for this for a few days and not found anything that mentions it in enough detail for me to risk my files.

All my files are in one partition, so obviously formatting would mean I lose everything. If I can get this sorted, I'm going to get things better organised and have separate partitions for home folders and the OS.

Can anyone suggest my next best move?