View Full Version : [ubuntu] newbie trying to install wubi partition probs

November 5th, 2008, 11:32 AM
I'm a complete newbie to ubuntu, i'm trying to install it on a Dell L400. I bought the laptop second hand with windows 95, using a network connection I got XP installed on it.

As it came with no floppy of cdrom and will not boot off a usb stick, I'm being very careful with my installation as I still need windows for work and my other half till she's converted!

Since I can't boot into anything but windows I installed ubuntu using the wubi website. Despite clearing everything I possibly could out of the hardrive I started the install with only 4 gig free (its only a 10 gig drive)

It seemed to install ok but when I start a window opens up titled:

checking the installation...

computing the new partitions

Then a message box appears saying:

no root file system is defined

Please correct this from the partioning menu

It doesn't matter how many times I click ok it won't boot up.

Restarting it and using the "Read-only demo (live CD desktop)" boot option it starts but when I try and use the partion program it says it can't edit the hard drive and it can't umount it.

I've done some reading on this forum but I'm sure if any of the advice applies to me as I used wubi.

I kinda stuck now and not sure what I can do sort out this problem, any help would be much appreciated.