View Full Version : [mythbuntu] Mythbuntu install not booting

November 5th, 2008, 05:00 AM
Hi there, I'm an uber noob to the whole Linux system and am having trouble with an installation of Mythbuntu 8.10. My system is currently:

Gigabyte P45-DS3R
Intel Q6600 Quad Core
4GB OCZ PC2 800
Western Digital 120GB IDE Hard Drive
Sapphire Radeon X600 PCI Express card

So I originally had trouble with booting the LiveCD environment, but I solved this with the all_generic_ide addition to the boot command line. Everything appeared to install fine and in the advanced options I indicated that the boot loader should be installed on the WD 120 (the only hd in the system). However, when I take out the cd and reboot, the system hangs and fails to load GRUB (if that's what it's supposed to do... I am a noob). Now, the disk was previously used to boot XP, should I format it to remove the MBR? Could that be the issue, or does it have to do with the original problem that required the additional boot command to install Mythbuntu :confused: