View Full Version : [ubuntu] YouTube no longer working in Totem

November 5th, 2008, 02:57 AM
Well it used to work, but the other day I decided to watch some clips on YouTube via Totem and it is able to search for the clips and give you the list of clips it has found; but when I click on one to watch it gives me a message saying that it could not play the video and needs the plugin for it to work. I don't have the exact message (it was something along those lines) as I'm not on my Ubuntu PC right now.

I have a feeling that this was caused from a recent update. Does Totem support Flash 10 as yet? Maybe this is the problem? All other video-types work, ie mpeg, quicktime, dvd's, etc but not the YouTube ones. I have searched on the forum for a fix but have found nothing, has anyone else experienced this recently? BTW the YouTube clips play fine over Firefox.