View Full Version : [ubuntu] Repeating Login - Compiz - video problem

November 4th, 2008, 07:02 AM
First off let me say that Ubuntu is not as easy to install and get working as I've read and heard. It's starting to feel a lot like installing Windows.

Got 8.10 freshly installed on a Intel G945GCLF2 Atom board with 2 GB of Ram.
Seemed to go okay after I finally fixed the screen resolution issues.

Decided to play around with the advanced Compiz features, checked the cube option and then accepted the changes to see what it all looked like.

The puter then went to the desktop for a second with out the panels just the desktop picture. Then the screen froze to colourful vertical bars of jibberish and went to the login screen. You get a 10 second countdown then it automatically logs in and the whole thing repeats.

Have tried booting to an earlier kernel with the same result.
Have booted in safe mode and removed compiz settings in terminal with no change.

Any ideas before I reinstall yet again?

Thanks in advance.