View Full Version : [ubuntu] An easy to use router program anyone? For a newbie.

November 4th, 2008, 06:52 AM
Gidday all.
I'm trying to find a really easy to use router program to run on this laptop so the other three machines stashed around the house can access the interweb via the serial modem hanging off sttyS0.

The trouble is that I get totally lost when trying to understand all these various "ports". (To me a port is where ships transfer cargo).
I've got my head around IP addresses, ssh and X11, just; but finding out what port one computer connects to another for various functions/purposes looses me.
I've tried firestarter and guidedog, but couldn't nut them out at all I'm afraid, due to them wanting to know which port such a computer is coming in on, and which port it's to go out on?

I'm of the level here where I can do the routing using my Mac machine, just tick the box that says "share the inernet connection running over the modem to any machine coming in on the ethernet", but would like to eventually use my old PIII 450 box for this.

Any ideas anyone?