View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dell E521 installation problems (bluetooth)

November 4th, 2008, 06:39 AM
Hello ppl:

I have a Dell E521 and I am having a little bit of trouble to install 8.10, I have 8.04.1 installed currently but do not want to upgrade, would like to do a fresh install. When I boot using either 8.10 CD or DVD it will get stuck during the process when it tries to start the bluetooth service, it will just simply stay there and no other progress (bluetooth dongle is not connected during this time, but have tried connecting it as well) All I have aside from what it comes with this pc is an nvidia 8800GT and an aditional 500GB Seagate HDD. everything else is stock (well i have a Rosewill RD550N SLI/Active PFC PSU ). Any help or input for this will be greatly appreciated.