View Full Version : [ubuntu] after failed upgrade cant find libc.so.6; mount points /dev/pts,/dev/shm don't exist

November 3rd, 2008, 10:08 PM
I failed to upgrage to 8.10 (64-bit) a couple of nights ago, and now, when I boot, I get messages that libc.so.6 (version GLIBC_2.8) can't be found - while it seems to be in place in /var/lib and /var/lib32, and symlinks in /lib and /lib32 - then messages that mount points /dev/shm and /dev/pts don't exist, then some more "can't find libc" messages, followed by a reboot. What do I do? I could reinstall, but I'd rather see what happened after the failed upgrade and restore it from there, just for the fun of it.