View Full Version : [ubuntu] Media Player problems

November 3rd, 2008, 01:02 PM
Hello every1,
I've three problems I'm currently facing, and if you know the solution please help me.
1)All media players were working good for me untill I start using Compiz. Now all my players show blurred video.Is there any solution for this without affecting Compiz?

2)My VLC player opens separate windows one for the controls only and one for the video output.Can I merge them both to a single window?It's really nice that way i.e just the way it works in XP.

3)My internet connection resets in some interval.It starts working again after some time or else I've to configure my network settings like refreshing it by changing the IP

4)This one is a basic one.Currently I'm using Ubuntu 8.4 hardy.If I want to upgrade it to a newer version(which is the latest one?) can I do it without affecting my current system.Just update it.