View Full Version : [ubuntu] RTL8169/8110 Cannot connect please help!!

Fert Is Legend
November 3rd, 2008, 09:19 AM
I have been dealing with this card for about 4 months now.
I have searched high and low on google and on these forums and have not found a solution yet.

In 8.10 I am unable to acquire an IP address.
I have little to no experience with Ubuntu or networking.
I got it to work for me in Hardy but something happened when I used Envy and my system crashed.

I have both XP and 8.10 but on different hard drives.
I have enable Wake_On_lan and disabled "allow this machine to turn off this device".
I have almost tried anything and if anyone can help me i would be much appreciated.
It has worked once before so it HAS to work again.

Thanks again.