View Full Version : [ubuntu] new to ubuntu gateway 9210 server nic drivers?

November 3rd, 2008, 07:08 AM
Decided to install Ubuntu on my gateway server. was running win 2003 server.
Have been using windows for about 12 years. I have never used any form of linux before yesterday.
took about 4 hours to get it installed. Like it so far, but is a bit confusing. I have another identical to it still running 2003.

My main problem right now is I can not get the onboard nics to work.
Server is gateway 9210. Intel onboard nic 82547GI.
I have a 3com nic installed and was finally able to get online with it today, after about 12 hours of frustration yesterday, i think i figured out the Intel nic needs some drivers or is totally incompatible with Ubuntu.
Any way i can get it to work?