View Full Version : [ubuntu] FTP Server

November 3rd, 2008, 03:05 AM
I'm almost about to commit suicide! I'm so ****** off at UBUNTU right now because I had an FTP server working perfectly for a few months (PureFTP I believe) and yesterday my router died and I installed a new one, but now I CANNOT GET ANY FTP TO WORK!!! I've tried re-installing Pure, I've tried to use ProFTPd, multiple GUI interfaces for each, I even tried running Filezilla Server on WINE! All of the clients I have used to try to connect to the server all say they can connect, but not actually list a directory or download anything. I'd love to get FileZilla working really - and when I use the local FileZilla admin program, everything seems to be great - it all seems up and running and I have a default user set up (browner87), but when I try to connect, I get nothing. Does anyone know anything about using Filezilla or any other port-using program in Wine? do I have to do some fancy voodoo port opening and forwarding to Wine? I have TCP ports 19-22 and UDP 40100 to 40129 forwarded to my LAN IP ( Is there something I have to do in Ubuntu to make it work?

Or can anyone suggest ANYTHING? I'm so hopeless and depressed right now... anything would be welcome...:confused: