View Full Version : [all variants] dual internet connection

November 2nd, 2008, 04:22 PM
I would like to be able to use both a wired and a wireless internet connection at the same time.
my university blocks some important ports on wireless (such as the irc port, and the port i use to administer my router back home) however those ports are unblocked on wired which has a bandwidth cap at roughly 120kb/s.
is there some way i can tie the two connections together and send instructions so that it uses a specific connection based on port number? (for example, pidgin can connect my yahoo and aim accounts just fine, but the irc port is blocked so it never connects)
thanks for anyones help
(also the two connections are not on the same domian, one is 172.22.blah.blah and the other is 165.134.blah.blah)