View Full Version : [kubuntu] 8.10 Looked Great, Now Looks Weird

Max Roswell
November 1st, 2008, 11:49 AM
Sorry for the very un-technical subject.

Upgraded to 8.10 last night. Went perfectly. Looked GORGEOUS. Shut down for the night. Now this morning, I've got what I think is a Plasma problem. The colors have gone haywire, everything looks fuzzy and pixelated, and I can see what I think are kind of the wireframes behind the desktop animations.

I have a basic laptop; not running a good video card or trying to turn on the bells or whistles.

Any ideas where to look and/or what to adjust? It looked perfect last night, so I know it *can* run fine on m'puter.

EDIT: Okay, now I'm booted into Windows, where everything looks fine, and I'm looking at the screenshot I posted, and it obviously looks fine, too. But when I'm in Kubuntu, it looks as bad as the rest of the desktop environment. So ignore it, I guess. Bu everything still looks haywire.