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October 31st, 2008, 10:29 AM
I've said in a few threads that Ubuntu sucked in comparison to OS X on my macbook pro. I would always state that it was not due to the way Ubuntu worked or apps.. It was the fact that a few key things that were suppose to work did not, such as suspend.

Well Finally with 8.10 everything works with some light tweaking. I've got two good themes, two good wallpapers, and good compiz settings. I must say that Ubuntu on my mac is so dreamy. It's every bit as capable and beautiful as OS X. Those view key things really make a difference in the way I view Ubuntu on my macbook pro. It seemed so fragile before 8.10 where finally it feels rock solid.

Finally I can take Ubuntu out in public without worrying about Ubuntu acting a fool. Good job

What needed tweaking? Just a few trackpad settings and backlight control, both just required editing, or creating, hal .fdi files.