View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dualhead, Dualmouse, Dualkeyboard - Something special

October 31st, 2008, 10:01 AM
Hello Folks!
Is there anybody with experiences of using one pc with ubuntu for 2 persons? I wanna use 2 Monitors with seperate mouse and keyboard setting. Is it possible to modify the xorg.conf to get 2 independent instances of gdm on each monitor? The problem is: the keyboard is exactly the same type and connected through usb. Is there anyone who tested the same thing and can help me out with an xorg.conf to look at? The main goal is to generate two xorg.conf; one with the normal setting for one user and the other one with the dual person mode =) I hope, that I can witch from one mode to the other with an button (witch changes the xorg.conf and reboots the gdm). I'll be testing it for myself while waiting for response.