View Full Version : Financial support for Ubuntu from end-users

October 31st, 2008, 12:20 AM
A worrying note was published on CNET stating "Mark Shuttleworth said ... Canonical is not cash-flow positive" in a "conference call", whatever that means. If anyone with insight on how Canonical works reads this: what would be the most profitable way - for them, of course - to receive $subj? Is the t-shirt business significant or at least helpful? CDROMs (I doubt this choice, since Shipit is still advertised)? Any other hints? As a personal note, I have paid two years of subscription to Mandrake only because I liked what them French were doing, while all my machines were running SuSE, so don't limit suggestions to "if it scratches your itch", I admire this project, will try to help it, and hope others will do too, for a good reason.