View Full Version : Upgrade almost perfect, maybe ha ha

October 30th, 2008, 09:19 PM
Decided to do something different this time and after I got Hardy all upgraded completely I hit ALT + F2 and plugged in update-manager -d and hit run and watched the show! Always had good luck with new clean installs from a CD so I thought I would try this. SO far it has worked great. Only have one item I have found so far that does not work and that is Virtualbox. Get an error that says "failed to create the virtualbox com object" Oh well I am sure I will find an answer in the next few days or weeks. Other than that everything is working, printer, music, files, nvidia drivers, open office,compiz, etc. Most likely there is something else a little off somewhere but hey I will think positive! LOL.
Anyway, good job to the Ubuntu crew and it's all good! Great way to upgrade!