View Full Version : Getting Canonical to work with Crossloop

October 29th, 2008, 05:50 PM
Hi everyone,

In giving out (K)Ubuntu disks to people who are dissatisfied with their Other OS's, the problem often arises that, while ooohing and aaahing over a livecd, or maybe even a Wubi install is all well and good, initial setup (downloading favourite apps, setting up an IM client, etc.) can be a show-stopper if I am not able to sit down with the person and show them around. In such cases, it would be extremely convenient if CrossLoop's software ran on Linux -- and I don't just mean accessing a windows machine by running it in wine, either.

CrossLoop uses VNC, which takes care of most of the OS-specific dirty work, and already runs on all the major platforms. As I understand it, CrossLoop (not the social-networking part, just the desktop software part) is basically a front-end to VNC that tracks time, provides encryption, and allows both users to connect outwards from their networks, getting rid of the firewall problem -- how hard could it be to port this to Linux/Mac?

I'm sure I'm not the only person to think this, and Canonical is always working with various companies/industries to improve the Linux experience. CrossLoop does plan to port to Linux at some point in the future, but nothing seems to be terribly concrete -- does anyone else think it would be neat if they could strike up some sort of a deal with CrossLoop to help the process along? What are your thoughts?