View Full Version : [all variants] OpenOffice opens network files as read only

October 29th, 2008, 11:41 AM
This is a problem I've had in the past, and I think that it just went away. Since upgrading to Intrepid Ibex RC OpenOffice and Gnucash can't save files to my network attached storage. I've tested with Kate, Gimp and others. They can all save. The files I'm trying to open and save are all okay from the point of view of file permissions. The network shares are samba ones. I can even save the files from inside a Windows virtual machine! My other linux pc, which is running OpenGeu can also save to the attached storage. I don't know whether it's an OpenOffice problem or a ubuntu problem. I've tried with both OO 2.4 and OO 3.0, and I've fiddled around with the share mounts, trying both cifs and smbfs.