View Full Version : [other] 10.8MB/s read on SATA

October 28th, 2008, 05:05 PM
Quick question :)
I have a server which has Fiesty on it and I am going to upgrade it to Hardy shortly. To do that, I'm going to have to move loads of things over to my other PC. I'm creating an md5, sha1 and sha512 hash off all the files to verify the transfer over the network.

I have a little script which essentially cats a file through 'pv' into the hashing programs ( for use with 'find' ) but 'pv' is reporting a read speed of only 10.8MB/s. It is completely stable at that speed but I was expecting more along the lines of 40MB/s read.

The current setup is 2 500GB drives in software RAID1 ( on the same bus because there is only one bus on the server's motherboard ). Using 'iostat' I can see that the drive being read from alternates from time to time.

Any suggestions or advice on speeding it up? Could it just happen to appear to be that slow because of what I am doing? My gigabit ethernet transfers at 25MB/s!