View Full Version : Change the way we do biZna in kenya

October 25th, 2008, 09:26 PM
How can we implement technology to deal with corruption that has crippled our beloved Kenya.
I think the solutions is in here. Ubuntu! we need to take advantage of the open source to change not only the way our government runs but also in educating our children and getting them connected to the rest of the world.
Get this! I found the Toshiba laptop I'm using in the garbage. Some muzungu guy threw it away coz ilikuwa na Microsoft XP and it was slow.
I took it and loaded Ubuntu and now this thing is my server! Naiacha Home and i can tap into it and access all my resources (mostly my 1000 plus ebooks) from all over the world!
I mean come on..... I feel guilty! Some kido back home doesnt know what the hell is going on in the rest of the world.
Please I beg everyone to think how we can give back to our own people in the Ubuntu spirit! (togetherness)
We can do it.
Here is a challenge for aki na Odera and all those IT guys out there. You guys need to get hold of jamaaz so we can start working on a major "Give back to our country project."
Together we can do it.
I will be starting an Ubuntu forum here in minnesota to link it to the kenyan forum back home.
Let's do it.
see you guys in may!
you can get hold of me by calling (952-201-2791