View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio will not install

October 23rd, 2008, 07:33 PM
Appols for previous post on wrong forum.

I have downloaded from UK canonical twice. Burned two separate iso to DVD each on a new good disk.
Both disks tested good in install proceedure.
Both returned 'succesful installation'

Dedicated HDD to this install.
Athlon 2100. 2.4Gig 1.5G memory 10Gig HDD NVidia GeForce 5900.

Ubuntu 8.04 has been good for three months on another drive on same machine.

All I get to in Ubuntustudio is a command line - and it's NOT a Terminal.

Tried startx No Go

installed X11. No Go

Installed xinit No Go

tried sudo gdm start No Go

Can anyone help?

Strange thing ... if it's to do with Media:- DVDrip, Tovid, OpenMovieEditor, etc etc its all corrupt or dysfunctional. Any comments? I want to learn.

Thanks All