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October 22nd, 2008, 05:05 PM
Hi ...

I have two Suggestion's for this forum :

1 - I see that one forum is working "General help"
but the other forum's are not used such as "Wine", "Wubi" and virtualization

Put a warn Message on the site that give a notes for the members to use the specific Problem in the Right section.

2 - there are frequented Problem face's all who are new in Linux
such as "NTFS drive" "The Nividia drivers" "Ubuntu is very slow"
and so on.

I hope from you to put the most frequented problems in the
a tag above the threads ........

and hold the Links of the solved threads in those Links..
for example :

Problem's in ATI drivers
under this thread A general Solution and a links of anther solutions from different members
and so on

thanks and good luck

and i hope that My Idea is clear>>>:guitar::guitar: