View Full Version : [ubuntu] Stuck with Grey Text on Grey Background

October 22nd, 2008, 12:52 PM
Attached is a screenshot of a problem I am having on another install of Ubuntu.

The problem is that text on the 'Grass' application and on some webpages is grey with a grey background and so unreadable.

I have installed grass on my other Ubuntu install and the text is black, so i assume it must be something to do with the theme or font set up on the other installation?

I have tried using different themes, changing window settings but cannot find the solution to the problem.

The problem is the same on gnome and openbox, but openbox is set up to load gnome-settings-demon or whatever it is called.

Grateful in advance for any advice, ideas or theories.


Xiong Chiamiov
October 27th, 2008, 02:10 AM
It's probably the settings of the "disabled font" color in your GTK theme. Try changing it to a different one, or edit the theme to change the color.

January 27th, 2009, 02:40 AM
I too am having the same problem. FRUSTRATED!

March 23rd, 2009, 07:53 PM
I had the same issue. Try changing themes then restarting GRASS. That did the trick for me.

Alternatively, you can try changing the font color in the theme giving you problems, then restarting GRASS. Just be sure you restart GRASS after you make changes, otherwise they won't take effect.