View Full Version : [ubuntu] Inspiron 1525 - Wireless SOLVED

October 21st, 2008, 09:18 PM
this is for everyone out there who had the same problem with connecting to the internet using an installed wireless card, as I know there are some. I'm using a 1525 inspiron laptop with broadcom wireless card. the initial problem was that ubuntu hardy 8.04 couldn't recognize the wireless option in the network manager (left clicking on the network icon in the top right) and I discovered after hours of excruciatingly painstaking research at various sites and tech support numbers that it was really just that my computer is too new and I had to download the ubuntu intrepid version 8.10 beta and now its working like noones business. So thanks to all you who helped by coming up with solutions such as upgrading advice firmware downloads and trouble shooting advice but it's going now so at least it paid off somewhere.