View Full Version : [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Firefox 3.03 Problem

October 21st, 2008, 04:29 PM
Hi, I've just installed about 70 updates so I'm not sure which one if any has caused this problem, I have Hardy Heron, and all of a sudden my firefox isn't working properly, the icon in the title bar has changed to a generic program icon, and the 'About' box shows up as a tiny 1cmx1cm window with only a tiny title bar and a little strip of grey under it, like a dialog box with no text, or title. And pressing Enter or hitting the 'go' button doesnt make it load pages.

I hope someone can fix this, as SeaMonkey is a lot slower, and has no tabs. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Now I feel so damn stupid, several hours of trying with no luck, and I rebooted, now it works >.<