View Full Version : [ubuntu] install additional apps on vmware browser appliance

October 20th, 2008, 12:55 AM

I have recently installed vmware ubuntu browser appliance. All works fine except when I need to install additional components on the browser appliance. The package manager complains that it is unable to download the program files. I presume that is because the browser appliance is based on Ubuntu 5.04 and hence all of the file paths have changed. I am wondering if these installation files are still available somewhere and how I can get my update manager to look at alternative locations.

I want to use Browser Appliance because it is small enough to fit on a 2GB USB drive and it has network support and just about everything built in. I tried later versions of Ubuntu (7.1 or 8.04). However they are all too large to fit under the 2GB limitation. I also tried DSL and Debian distributions etc but none of them are fully configured (say with network support) and none as user friendly as Ubuntu. Hence I am where I started off looking at Ubuntu 5.04 wmware.

Any suggestions/help is very much appreciated.