View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video scrambled after install of hardy on Toshiba laptop 2105cds

October 18th, 2008, 05:54 PM
Have installed 8.04 LTS on Toshiba Laptop 2105CDS. On first boot Ubuntu progress screen appears fine but login screen totally scrambled and unusuable. Ran dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from prompt. Next boot no video at all. Please advise at to steps to configure video from prompt.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

October 18th, 2008, 06:02 PM
What graphics card do you have? If you don't know, run <sudo lshw -C display> and post the output.

October 21st, 2008, 05:19 AM
Thank you for your reply and please accept my apologies for taking so long but I was inadvertantly hindered.
The lshw -C display command yields the following:
Description: VGA compatible controller
Product: VIRGE/MX
Ventor: S3, Inc.
Physical ID: 0
Bus Info: pci@0000:00:08.0
Version: 06
Width: 32 bits
Clock 33MHz
Capabilities: vga_controller bus_master
Configuration: latency 0 maxlatency = 255 mingnt = 4

The printout of the configuration of the laptop from its original spec sheet says
Memory: 16Mbit SGRAM, 3.3V 2 MB
Speed 83MHz
Controller Chip S3 ViRGE MX (86C260)
Data Bus Width 64-bit
PCI Bus Architecture w/burst mode: Yes, 32-bit BitBLT support
2D graphics support: BitBLT, DirectDraw, H/W Cursor
2D Graphics support: Direct3D
Digital Video Accelerator: Yes
YUB-to-RGB color space conversion: Yes
Zoom: Yes
Scaling/Interpolation: Yes
Direct MPEG support: Yes
DirectVideo support: Yes
Internal Support:
Resolution: 640x480 16.7 colors
800x600 16.7
1024x768 64K
1280x1024 256
External support: same as internal except adds frequencies
640 ...85Hz@16M
800 ...85Hz@16M
1024 ...85Hz@64K
1280 ...60Hz@256

I suspicion it will be repaired by the modification of a configuration file but am short on time as I am doing this for a colleague while in transit for a trip and do not have the luxury of time to sleuth it out as I would normally do, so thanks for any assistance.