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October 17th, 2008, 03:24 PM

START OF "Move your Tux, Move your Gnu": SATURDAY 11th OCTOBER 2008

A member of the Ubuntu-fr community, Karadine, had the idea to make a Tux travel around the world and to make it end up on Linus Torvalds' desk.

By doing this we want to show that GNU/Linux is not only code and data but also a human community.
So we want all together to thank Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds, and to make a Tux and a Gnu travel around the world.

We bought two fluffies (a Tux and a Gnu: you can see the Tux in the gallery). To have them travel, they will go from one hand to another, and travelling with the one who has them, they will go from one town to another, one country to another and one continent to another, ending with Richard stallman and Linus Torvalds. The Tux and Gnu trips will be shown on the website (see the map "where is Tux/Gnu")

The start time will be the 11 october 2008 in France and Belgium. The Tux will start from CHANTERAC (France) and the Gnu from Mons (Belgium) to go respectively to Linus Torvalds's home (Beaverton, Oregon -USA-) and Richard Stallman's home (USA)..

To contribute to Tux's and/or Gnu's trip, come and register on the website: http://move-your-tux.fr.nf/ http://move-your-gnu.fr.nf/
Then put your location on the world map, so you can see the others near you and the others can see that you are near them. So you can make contact to arrange the exchange.
You can also make some noise about the project (the more contributors there are, the more fun and good it is).
If you can, you are welcome to help us with translations, website maintenance,...
The rules are available for more details and you can always contact
An IRC chanel is open on the Freenode network, its name is #MYTG