View Full Version : [ubuntu] boot not working

October 16th, 2008, 03:28 AM
I am trying to uninstall/ delete my partition ext3. I've been running 8.04 for 2 mos and upgraded to 8.10 beta, horrible! I need to get XP back up and need to undo my partition.
I've tried running 8.04.1 live to get into gparted. The boot totally doesn't work. It goes straight to my login. I tried booting with gparted-live lastest stable, again straight to my login. 8.10 beta is more like alfa, I can't believe it's even close to a full release by the 30th.
I am going to try booting from my USB next. Any help will be great. Stick to 8.04! Damn I hate doing this much work!

1.7ghz centrino 512mb 60gig high speed dvd writer Gateway laptop Ubuntu 8.10