View Full Version : [ubuntu] Good old voodoo3

October 15th, 2008, 02:15 PM

I have old machine that use for tries and as HTPC.
Until now I used it with XP and meedio.
I wish to migarte to Ubuntu and MythTV.
The main challange is to cause the Voodoo 3 TV-OUT to work (it was trouble in XP too.).

I found information regarding it, but I failed to make it work.
(Tries which used lm-sensors and i2c tools).

I probably missed some stuff on the way......
I will be glad if someone could make it for idiot.
I am newbie regarding linux.

I use:
Ubuntu 8.04
lm-sensors 3.0.3

I tried to install, but I don't understand which directory it use.
and how to activate it.