View Full Version : Problem getting video to work on startup

October 13th, 2008, 12:07 AM
OK, so I'm having some frustrating issues here attempting to install 8.04 on my HTPC that I've had sitting in the closet. A quick list of specs:
Chaintech 7NIF2 board (onboard GF4 MX video w/ s-vid out), athlon 2500, wintv pvr-250.

I'm using the s-vid out function of my pc to install this (ive got no monitors). As soon as the installation gets past the splash screen bouncing back and forth, the screen goes blank, and the computer beeps once. At this point, my thoughts were "hey, this is an x11 video configuration error". So I've tried ctrl-alt-f2 (which brings BACK video), but then it asks me for an Ubuntu login and pass. Problem is, it's not even done installing, so I cannot find a username OR pwd to use, not root, sudo, mythtv, etc. NOTHING WORKS. Any tips? This is quite frustrating for me...