View Full Version : [kde] panel icons not responding to anything

October 12th, 2008, 01:33 PM
im runnng kde 4.1.2 kubuntu
in my panel, i have various icons such as the battery icon, knetworkmanager

just now my dad took a cable that was connected to my computer out, but the knetworkmanager still said 'connected to wired connection'
after i restarted it, it said 'knetworkmanager not running', despite the fact that my wireless switch was on and wired connection was back in
nets also working obv, but knetworkmanager still said that no device is active, even after i restarted it
i realised this a couple of minutes later, but my battery icon still showed plugged in and full battery even though i had removed the charger like 20 mins ago, so i thought maybe its a panel problem

im going to try to restart after some time, after i finish downloading some apps, but i just wanted to know if anybody knows why thats happening.