View Full Version : [gnome] Some items in taskbar not appearing

Pirate King
October 10th, 2008, 03:17 PM
Hey there,

I have a few screenshots showing a small bug I seem to be having. While this is with the beta of Intrepid Ibex, I have had this with Hardy Heron too. It's ever since I made the top & bottom bars smaller rather than full-screen.

For some reason, some items don't appear in the taskbar. They stretch it and are clickable as if they were there, but they don't display.

As you can see I have a nice little Compiz feature that lets me view a preview of the window. I've had this bug while this feature has been disabled, so I know it's not that.


While it'd be nice for it to be fixed, I am not overly concerned. I am just letting the community know so they can look into it for future updates. =)