View Full Version : [xfce] Automatic Logon Killed Xfce

October 9th, 2008, 06:12 PM
Ok... so I tried configuring the automatic login in xfce. Now, that i have shut down and restarted, it just doesnt load up. It gets to the part where the like it checks cron, anacron, and runs local boot scripts... then when it gets into xfce it just sits at a blue screen with the loading mouse cursor and nothing happens. So, after that i do the ctrl+alt+shift+backspace and it just flickers a few times and a message comes up saying that its "tried 6 times on display :0 and something bad may have happened waiting 2 minutes before trying again". then it just that all over again.

This is what i did before any of this happened:
I was following this HowTo


but i only got as far as editing /etc/inittab because it didn't exist on my machine. I figured I had something different than they were describing. So i looked elsewhere and found that if you go to Applications>Settings>Log On Window i could just set it all up there. I did that, and restarted, and now this. Is it because i didn't finish the other HowTo? If so, how to i correct the problem?