View Full Version : [all variants] GUI for mounting samba share at login

October 8th, 2008, 10:12 AM

i am looking for a GUI that will allow a user to setup a samba share to be mounted when they login.

i understand that it is possible to create an entry in fstab or even create a script to be run at the start of the session. but i am looking for something that can be used for new linux users.

this request has emerged from a training session i had with my friend (aged 67) when trying to mount a share from another PC in the house to her ubuntu.

she is quite happy with linux simplicity, and propect of not having to worry (too much) about viruses and malware.

but there are shortcoming that she keeps pointing out. and i have not notice probably like many others because, we simply find a 'way' to solve it.

your suggestions here will be much appreciated.



December 21st, 2008, 05:19 AM
I have been hunting for a similar solution and even thinking about hacking out my own.

This is one the very few places where I feel Linux desktops fall short. At a minimum you can expect the popularity of home servers to drive this use case. For instance I believe any adult in my household should be able to make a new connection the home server share without having to understand how to modify fstab. The fstab solution is great for a sys admin looking to handle mounts on user computers, but there needs to be some front end for home users.