View Full Version : Myth not obeying Schedules direct channel lineup

October 8th, 2008, 12:47 AM
This is getting to be a very frustrating issue.

Out of the several hundred DirecTV channels, there are only about 100 that I care about. I have gone through Schedules Direct and deactivated every channel I don't want.

Every time mythfilldatabase runs to update my schedule information, it puts back in every single channel from the entire lineup. So I have to spend 30 minutes every time mythfilldatabase runs going through and deleting all of the channels from the myth guide. Until I do this, the mythweb portion is all but unusable due to so many programs being displayed.

Is there a solution to this?

October 8th, 2008, 03:05 AM
This isn't how it behaves for me. It doesn't add back in channels that I have deleted from Schedules direct... Maybe try getting your lineup like you want it in myth and then run:

mythfilldatabase --remove-new-channels

or try running mythfilldatabase with --update option.

October 8th, 2008, 05:46 PM
Have you tried to edit your channels available at the Schedules Direct website itself? You can disable entire sections at the click of a mouse, or select one-by-one. Then save the changes. I'm pretty sure that Mythfilldatabase won't "see" them anymore.

October 8th, 2008, 06:55 PM
I've already done that. I've deactivated all of the channels in my linup except those I want at the schedules direct website.

I'll try the variations on mythfilldatabase tonight.