View Full Version : Login screen? WinXP & Grub?

November 23rd, 2005, 04:00 PM
Hi guys,

Have a couple of questions more I'd like to ask... and hopefully get some help with :)

First off... I'm getting a little annoyed by Ubuntu login screen.. not the screen in it self, just that I can't find the "hand crank" to lower the resloution of it? It displays at 1600x1200 I think... which I a little "bigger" than I run the "desktop" at (1152*7something)... where can I set the "Login"-screens display resolution?

Secondly I'm booting or rather I want to boot both WinXP and BeOS/Zeta on this system... and as I have it setup now, I have to "switch" boot device in the BIOS all depending weather i want to boot Ubuntu or WinXP/Zeta(BeOS) - how can I add my Win drive which is the Primary master to grub and have it understand what it's all about?

I think that on that Primary master MBR I have installed the "BeOS boot loader" so I just need Grub to see and "load" that? Any ideas?

I'm not sure if this is the "right" thread for this line of questions... but c'mon guys, I was scrolling through the threads and decided that there's just one too many... so here I am :)

Please help me Obi-ones... you're my only hopes :)