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October 6th, 2008, 10:27 PM
this is odd, i went thru limiting what my browser sent as headers and changed the useragent, well well yes I know java crashes the browser if one choose to change the useragent but I found ways to get around that while still having a useragent i like - either minimal or made to look like FF is on windows..anywhooo

A certain useragent sequence makes it where I am unavailable to get a page up on the UF, other sites work fine...

Mozilla Gecko/00000000

or basically that minus all the zeros - they are suppose to be a date that I zeroed out due to a bank site not working without numbers there...

Moving back on Topic what it does is my computers when using a useragent like that - sends a syn or whatever package to get a connection started - nothing - it tries and tries and all i see in the status bar is transferring from ubuntuforums.com, etc.. :/

Again i think is is a bug on ur end due to other sites work just fine, I also tried
Mozilla Gecko\/00000000 and such and it would only load 3/4 of the page or half of it...

How was I able to get on the UF and type this up, i changed Mozilla to Firefox - a bit slow to start but connects fine, so why does changing Mozilla to Firefox make such a huge Diff.?? Again other sites work just fine when I had my UA at
Mozilla Gecko/00000000.

So for now My UA looks like this:
Firefox Gecko/00000000


Alas yes..


I got it down to something similiar to this on the headers sent..Again Other sites loading just fine the way I had it and the way I have it even with the Mozilla part used..

Host www.lagado.com
User-Agent Firefox Gecko/00000000
Accept-Charset utf-8,*
Connection close
Referer http://www.lagado.com/

edit: Update

On long threads it freezes without something in the following:


However if I put a space in there ie: equiv of a blank the site continues to operate smoothly, again with leaving them blank other sites worked fine...It's just the UF I know of having problems, google worked fine, ubuntu.org kind of worked fine altho I think it was slow too, yahoo worked fine, live worked fine, etc..