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October 6th, 2008, 03:28 AM
My brother just got an AppleTV and I was surprised (kind of) to learn that you couldn't navigate the web with it, you can only look through flickr and youtube, and in youtube, the only available videos are predetermined by Apple and iTunes. Also, you can't just store videos and music on it; everything it displays has to go through iTunes on another machine. I told him he should have set up a media server machine so they he could backup all his music and movies to it and connect it up to his home theatre as well as logging it onto the house's wireless network for file sharing and internet, and now that I've given him the idea, that's just what I want to do.

I've been shopping around for a suitable machine, size and peripheral-wise, and I've come across the Dell Studio Hybrid, except that I've seen a few forum threads where people have had to go through all sorts of issues to do with screen resolution, video card, sound, wireless and pretty much everything.

So, does anyone know of any mini towers that might be able to be used for this? My conditions are that it must have HDMI out, wireless, be able to operate as a server on a WLAN, and I'd obviously like to have as few teething problems as possible.

I can't believe this sort of thing hasn't taken off yet; it seems completely commonsense to want to have a machine acting as your entire data/music/video storage centre and be operable as a regular old computer with internet, just via the TV screen.