View Full Version : Which is better 64bit like AMD64 or 32bit like P4

Optimal Aurora
November 23rd, 2005, 08:16 AM
I have an AMD64 64bit system was running Kubuntu until I decided to try Windows XP x64 trail edition. I love it but it starting to get boring... I have shockwave and flashplayer and everything is actually more stable than it was in windows xp home edition running on my system. That is why its getting boring, but as a person who loves Mac computers, I like windows 64 bit OS too... I have used 64bit linux before and I am currently wondering whether or not to include go with the 32bit or not. I would like your opinions on this subject...

I am a network admin student (I play around with a few servers like apache and Samba as a server, and DNS and DHCP), I do a little drawing of my own personal desktop images from time to time. I enjoy gaming, that was why I got the 64bit system anyway. So should I wait to try 64bit later or go ahead with it? Should I try the 32bit or not?