View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video card crash after a few minutes of computer usage

October 5th, 2008, 07:34 PM
A while back I built a simple desktop and it runs Ubuntu 6.06.
Everything seems fine except this one major problem. The screen suddenly turns white and has little zig-zag lines through it, I must then restart the computer. I am assuming the problem is the video card b/c it happens faster if you make it work more (i.e. watch videos).

The system has a BIOSTAR 6100-M9 motherboard with a Nvidia GeForce 6100 video card. The driver for the Nvidia GeForce is not installed.

So, I am assuming that either:
A. I need to install the Nvidia driver, or
B. My video card and/or motherboard are defective.

I have attempted to install the driver, however it said that it was unable to find the kernel source tree.

Any suggestions?