View Full Version : [other] Rhythmbox crashes when seeking certain files

October 5th, 2008, 07:30 PM
I can't figure out what common trait exists between files that are causing this issue, files created with the same method (ripped from the same CD at the same time for instance don't all exhibit the same behavior).

Basically if I try to seek using the playback bar, or if I pause and then play the file again, basically do anything other than play the file straight from beginning to end, rhythmbox will crash. The window will just immediately go away.

The most bizarre thing is that if I run rhythmbox from the terminal so I can see an output or debug, the crash doesn't occur! It only happens when I run it using a shortcut or run dialog. So I can't post debug information...
Scratch that, it just crashed after I hit pause on the track - locked up the entire window manager, couldn't even switch to the virtual terminal, had to ctrl+alt+backspace to regain control of the computer - didn't freeze everything, as I could still see my gkrellm running in the background. Couldn't see any information in the terminal.

Any ideas? I've tried changing crossfading settings with no change in behavior.