View Full Version : [ubuntu] cd dvd are mounted but not playable.Why?

October 5th, 2008, 11:10 AM
I have installed Unbutu 8.04 LTS Desktop. It works well.
Only problem is:
It can not play music cds or dvds. CDs and DVD are automaticaly mounted, but all the players can not read them. But if I switch the CDs and DVDs into ISO.images in other computers with windowsxp.Then will all the players recognise the files and play very well.
It is wield! I can not enjoy my original legal bought CDs and DVDs.I have to do some pirate job to enjoy it.
Something is wrong with my Ubuntu.
Hope any Knight here can resolve this problem for me?
Thank you very much for reading and concern!
Resolutions will be happily greeted!