View Full Version : [all variants] Installing on Board with ICH10 & SATA w/o AHCI?

October 3rd, 2008, 08:59 AM
The 8.04 setup doesn't find the HDDs (2x SATA) connected via ICH10 southbridge. I read that enabling AHCI can fix that, but there's also Windoes XP residing on that system and it was installed with AHCI disabled, so enabling AHCI will 'break' the Windows-installation.

I'm aware of workarounds to install an AHCI-driver on an existing Windows-installation, but I don't want to go there. Besides that, booting is a painfully slow process with AHCI enabled and there's no benefit from it on this system anyway.

So, is there a way to install Ubuntu 8.04 without having to enable AHCI?